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Knock-Out Drawer Slim

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Premium Stainless Steel Knock Out Drawer with a choice of Satin Stainless Steel brushed finish, Black Powdercoat Finish or a Mirror Finish.

These are no ordinary Knock Drawers, engineered & manufactured in Ireland they feature many unique and innovative design features:

  • W: 215mm x L: 360mm x H:85mm
  • Narrow Width design for those short on space.
  • Colour Choice: Satin Finish, Black Finish or Mirror Finish

More Information

  • Triangular Delta Knock Bar for to Eliminate Noise
  • NEW Knock Bar bracket that means the Knock Bar WON'T fall out when emptying the grounds.
  • CNC Machined Nylon Rails that support the drawer
  • Two supporting feet on the base of the drawer for further noise reduction & support
  • Recessed Flushed Handle
  • Made from Durable Rust Free Stainless Steel