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Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

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By completely re-imagining the design of a coffee grinder, Fellow have been able to pack in some pretty impressive features to elevate your daily grind. With 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, over 30 grind settings, and a unique single dose load bin for maximum bean freshness, the Ode brings the café experience into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

This Ode Brew Grinder - is powerful and precise, it's a home coffee grinder with café capabilities. This is not a one 'grind size' fits all grinder, the Ode does things differently.


It has been designed & developed specifically for grinding for brewing your daily coffee (not Espresso), so whether you brew AeroPress, Pour-over, French press, cold brew or all of the above, the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is the grinder for you!


More Information

Precision Grinding

Grind quality and consistency are key to a great-tasting cup of coffee. With Ode, predictable and precise particle size is possible with every push of the button thanks to café-sized 64mm flat burrs.

Easy Grind Adjustment

So simple to adjust with a large dial on the front and a handy grind settings chat under the lids means easy and stress free grind adjustment.

64mm flat burrs 
Professional grade, cafe quality stainless steel flat burrs, reducing grind time, heat generation with seriously improved particle consistency. 

Perfect for home

Ode transforms the daily grind into a quieter, and more enjoyable experience. By redesiigning and building a space-hogging hopper, to limit your beans’ exposure to staleness-inducing oxygen it also means the Ode is not very tall, only 25cm, so sits on your countertop under any upper cabinets.

It's the little details:
A variety of carefully engineered features set Ode apart from the other grinders:

Magnetic Alignment

A magnetic plate to align the grounds cup, 

Grinds knocker

Spring loaded knock system allowing you to use every grind available.

Auto stop
Ode grinds 'til the end and knows exactly when its job is done, at that point the Ode automatically turns itself off.


Suitable Brewing Methods: The ODE is grinder for all brewing coffee methods.

Grinder Blades: 64mm

Dimensions: W105mm  x D239mm x H241.5mm

Hopper Capacity: 80g

Weight: 4.5kg