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Tiamo 'Slim' Coffee Grinder

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If you love the fresh taste of hand-ground coffee, you will need a high-quality grinder. This Tiamo Grinder has the ability to grind beans to your taste, whatever the coarseness, for your perfect cup of coffee. This Tiamo grinder a great option to add to your coffee-making kit. Get freshly ground coffee whenever you want!

Grind capacity – 25g of ground coffee

Improve the quality of the coffee you drink at home with this Manual Coffee Grinder.

  • Adjustable Ceramic Burr Grinding Mechanism
  • Consistent even grind

More Information

The grinding mechanism on this grinder replicates that of a commercial electic grinder used in Cafes etc and grinds the beans evenly. This differs from some other home electric grinders that cut or slice the beans resulting in uneven grinds and thus loss of flavour during the brewing process. On a Burr grinder the bottom blade mechanism rotates while the top blade mechanism does not move thus producing an even Grind.

Adjusting the Blades:

  • Further Apart: results in a Coarse Grind (Larger ground particles) suitable for a Cafetiere
  • Closer Together: results in a Finer Grind (Smaller ground particles) suitable for a Moka Pot, Areopress or Home Espresso Machine