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Stone Valley - "One Prize, One Goal" El Salvador

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Stone Valley Coffee Roasters feature some of the best coffee around, freshly roasted in Clonakilty in the heart of West Cork. Always speciality grade and always roasted to perfection.

  • 250g Whole Bean
  • Altitude - 1100 - 1665 MASL
  • Preparation - Natural
  • Location - Cacahuatique Mountain - El Salvador
  • Variety - Bourbon
  • Profile - Chocolate, Vanilla, Green Apple

More Information

I think El Salvador might just be our favourite origin. The smallest country in all of the Americas. Coffees from there are always so balanced and sweet with just the right amount of interesting complexity. Small? Seductive? Delicious?

El Salvador could only be described the Prince of the coffee world. This coffee wants to be your lover. It wants to kiss you as the purple rain falls on your raspberry beret. It could, definitely, take the place of your man.