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Stone Valley - "In The Middle Of The Evening" Ethiopia

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Stone Valley Coffee Roasters feature some of the best coffee around, freshly roasted in Clonakilty in the heart of West Cork. Always speciality grade and always roasted to perfection.

  • 250g Whole Bean
  • Altitude - 2000-2100 MASL
  • Preparation - Natural
  • Location - Uddo Hadamma Kebele, Guji, Ethiopia
  • Variety - Heirloom
  • Profile - Blueberry, Lemon, Orange Marmalade

    More Information

    This fruity number is like a delicious blueberry smoothie except heated up and made into a coffee. It also has a totally different texture and mouthfeel to a smoothie so really it’s a poor analogy but what can you do? Not as floral as some Ethiopian coffees but as sweet as the day is long.

    Our artwork of course reflects possibly the pinnacle of Africa’s contribution to western music. Early blues? Exciting and intoxicating new rhythms? LBM’s contributions to Graceland by Paul Simon? Of course not. I am clearly talking about Africa by Toto from the album Toto IV