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Stainless Steel 9 Cup Espresso Pot

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Modern re-design of the Classic Espresso Pot but made with Stainless Steel. Espresso Pots are sometimes also called a Moka Pot or a Stove-Top Pot.

  • 9 Cup, 360ml

An easy and cheap way to make great coffee at home.

How To Use

Very easy to use:

  1. Simply add cold water in the bottom chamber 
  2. Place ground coffee in the filter basket
  3. Scew on the top chamber
  4. Then place the Pot on a heat source. The water turns to steam rises through the ground coffee and reforms as coffee in the top chamber.

More Information

Stainless Steel Espresso Pots work on all types of hobs, Electric, Gas, Ceramic etc. INCLUDING Induction Hobs.

The cup size of Espresso Pots are expressed in terms of Espresso Cups i.e. 40ml, therefore a 9 cup pot makes 360ml of coffee.

Espresso pots create a stong and intense coffee which can be enjoyed as a homemade espresso or alternatively the coffee can be added to a half mug of hot water to make a beautiful homemade 'Americano' .