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Rhino Short Milk Thermometer

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The Rhino Short Thermometer has an easy-to-read dial and is fast and accurate. Perfect for a busy cafe or for the person who wants accurate milk temperature. The specially-designed clip secures the thermometer to side of your pitcher and makes it easy to adjust the thermometer up and down to suit the height you need.

The thermometer is 13cm / 5 inches tall and has red and green zones for the perfect milk temperature.

More Information

The Rhino Short Thermometer would suit 350ml to 600ml milk pitchers.

The ideal green zone ranges from 50c - 65c and red zone is 65c - 75c. We suggest a milk temperature of 60c.

  • Easy to read
  • Faster and more accurate than most thermometers
  • Strong specially-designed clip.
  • Can be recalibrated