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Puly Caff Cleaning Tablets 2.5g

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Puly Caff Plus Professional 60 X 2.5g Tablets- Group Head Cleaner

Puly Caff are the market leader world wide for espresso machine cleaning products. Get exact portion control with 2.5 gram tablets - 60 quantity. Puly Caff Plus has a strong degreasing and emulsifying action of vegetable fats and the ability to develop active oxygen, is able to clean perfectly the components of the group of coffee machines.

Use for back flushing and soaking. Available in powder and tablets for your convenience. (Domestic machines may not be suitable for back flushing)

Also great to remove stubborn stains on cups and saucers etc.



 It improve deodorizing and clean without increasing the extraction of toxic metals from common materials of fabrication in espresso machines when used and rinsed according to  the  manufacturer’s  instructions(Tested  and  Certified  by  N.S.F.  International  - Protocol  P152  Health Effects  and  Corrosivity  of  Commercial  Espresso  Machine  Chemical  Cleaner).  It  is  also  unique  for soaking  cups,  teapots,  etc.:  it  cleans  and  eliminates  all  traces  of coffee,  tea  or  milk  from  crockery  without affecting decorations in any way.