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Onyx Coffee Lab | Tropical Weather | 10oz

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Origin Ethiopia 

Location Ethiopia Shantawene Natural and Ethiopia Gedeb Chelbesa Washed

Process Natural, Washed

Altitude 1900 Meters

Flavour Profile Mixed Berries, Sweet Tea, Raw Honey, Plum

Introducing the Onyx Coffee Lab Tropical Weather blend. Taking a delicately floral and juicy washed coffee and blending it with a pungent and intense natural, we could have a cup that was greater than the sum of its parts. This blend is sure to please even the most discerning coffee lover. At Onyx Coffee Lab take great care in sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans to ensure that every cup is as delicious as the last. Tropical Weather blend is no exception, with each batch expertly roasted to bring out the rich flavors and aromas. Order now and experience the unparalleled taste and quality of Onyx Coffee Lab.