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Miwu | Uganda | Single Origin

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Origin Uganda

Location Bukyabo

Farm Miwu

Process Washed

Altitude 1800 - 2200 M.A.S.L

Flavour Profile Lychee, lime, red currant jelly, complex, fruity 

SCA score 85.50

Varietal SL14, SL28

In 2017, The Coffee Gardens was established with the intention of producing exceptional specialty coffee in an ethical manner, while promoting a clear and direct connection between coffee farmers and consumers. To provide customers with a better understanding of the coffee they purchase, as well as the story behind it and the extraordinary farmers who cultivate it, information has been created about our micro and nano-lots for 2021/22. The micro-lots were created by combining day-lots with comparable flavor profiles, so a single farmer may contribute to numerous micro-lots.

The Coffee Gardens has worked with the farmers who cultivate this micro-lot for the last five years and is acquainted with every farming family because they live on the mountain above the washing station. This micro-lot is named after the Muduku village, where numerous farmers reside. Last year, with the support of roasters, these farmers were trained in growing coffee among shade trees, implementing good agricultural practices, and improving harvesting techniques.

Distributed over 8,300 seedlings of shade, fruit, and fast-growing trees in July. Training is ongoing this year, and TCG is constructing toilet blocks for the three primary schools in the area. Farmers supply varying amounts of coffee since they have coffee gardens of different sizes. Miwu's Mr. Wayo Robert was one of the top contributors to this micro-lot, providing 445 KG of red ripe coffee cherries. "Runners," a group of over 160 men and women from the local community, carry coffee cherries in 50 KG bags to the station within hours of harvesting. This coffee is pulped using a signature fermentation method, which involves a pre-wash, a lengthy soak in cold mountain spring water, and a gentle long fermentation lasting forty hours before a final wash. This coffee is meticulously sorted in twelve stages before being exported.