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Massai | Kenya | Single Origin

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Origin Kenya

Location Karatu Washing Station, Kiambu

Farm Karatu Washing Station

Process Kenyan Washed

Altitude 1900 M.A.S.L

Flavour Profile Citric notes supported by rhubarb, honey, chocolate and caramel.

This coffee is sourced from small farms located in the middle of the country, south of Mount Kenya, on the high plateaus of the Kiambu appellation. Its plots reach an altitude of up to 1,900 metres.

Producers send their freshly harvested cherries to cooperatives, which then prepare the coffee. It is worth noting that Kenya has a unique way of preparing its green coffee. It has in fact inherited one of the most efficient preparation methods from the British (in terms of cup quality). This process, known as Kenyan washing or double washing, is considered a national expertise.

This preparation method, combined with some specific varieties (SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11) developed for their ability to adapt to the local terroir, has positioned Kenya among the world’s most prestigious specialty coffee locations, and it has been producing coffees of a brilliant acidity for many years now. Although it offers undeniable benefits, however, the method also presents an environmental challenge in terms of sustainable water management.