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Hario Black Ceramic V60 Dripper 02

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This Hario porcelain dripper was created in cooperation with Tetsu Kasuya, the winner of the most prestigious alternative coffee brewing competition, World Brewers Cup in 2016.

The conventional rib shape of the V60 dripper has been customized in this model. It slows the water down for better extraction of coffee, making it possible to brew stronger coffee even with the same amount of coarse grounds.

The conical form of the Kasuya dripper and special grooves on the inside of the provide the perfect water flow.

1 x Hario V60 Dripper 02 in Ceramic Black. The 2 cup design is ideal for brewing 1 – 4 cups in a single session.

1 x Measuring spoon. Easy to measure 8g, 10g and 12g if you don't have a coffee scale at home.

More Information

The Hario V60 dripper takes its name from its V-shape cone with sides angled at 60 degrees. The spiral ridges inside the coffee dripper and the large hole at the base of the V60 dripper enhance a flavourful extraction. The result is simply stunning – a clean and nuanced cup of coffee.

  • Porcelain construction made using Arita-yaki, a traditional style of Japanese ceramics that offers superb heat retention while being durable, easy to handle and dishwasher safe
  • Internal ridges keep the filter paper from sticking to the sides for improved airflow. The spiral design also encourages drawdown, supporting even extraction