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Geometry Sul Minas | Brazil | Single Origin

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Origin Brazil 

Process Natural 

Altitude 800-1400

Flavour Full bodied, notes of Chocolate and Caramel sweetness.

SCA score 82

Varietal Catuai & Mundo Novo

This coffee is made up of a blend of the main varietals grown in the area which is Catuai and Mundo Novo. The coffee is produced by a large group of small producers who pool their resources as they can not afford expensive machinery or large investment in their farms, these farms are family run and all the family work during harvest time. This coffee comes directly from these farms and buying this coffee ensures many small farmers can support their families and local community.

The coffee is from a region in the hills of South of Minas in the state of Minas Gerais. The region is known for producing high quality coffee. These farms put all their coffees together and sell off in larger lots as not all of these farms produce enough coffee to sell themselves.The area where these farms are located varies in altitude from around 800 to 1400 metres above sea level.

The profile on this coffee is generally full bodied, notes of Chocolate and Caramel sweetness.