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Fazenda Salto | Brazil | Single Origin

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Origin Brazil 

Farm Fazenda Salto

Location Carmo da Cachoeira, Sul De Minas

Process Natural 

Altitude 1230 M.A.S.L

Flavour Profile Strawberry and plum with caramel and creamy dark chocolate

SCA score 84

Varietal Yellow Bourbon

The Fazenda Salto farm has been in the Reis family for 38 years. Dr Fabio Reis who trained and worked as a doctor has always had coffee as a thread in his life from when he was young. Fazenda Salto is an 800 Ha farm run by Fabio and his sons André and Juca. They are always striving to produce quality coffee by aiming at excellence. Fabio is always aware of the importance of sustainability, environmental and social issues as well on the farm.

What's interesting about this natural lot is that it was machine harvested and then separated by density and ripeness with only the ripe cherries being selected. From here the coffee was then taken to dry on the patios and turned regularly until 11.35 % moisture content was achieved. Then the coffee is rested in wooden silos for 10 days before being milled and bagged and taken to the Cooperative.

They have embraced the emergence of specialty coffee by investing in modern technology and practises. They have installed at the farm new static drying boxes as well as building a stable of raised beds to produce high quality lots. They have mapped out the farm as well allocating different areas to different processes always looking for the best result in the cup.