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Fabrica | Colombia | Single Origin

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Origin Colombia

Location Tolima, Planadas

Farm Fabrica

Process Washed

Altitude 1700-2000 M.A.S.L

Flavour Profile Lemon, Amande, Caramel and Milk Chocolate

Varietal Caturra rouge, Castillo

Experience the rich, complex flavors of Fabrica (AKA Cloud Factory), a single origin coffee from the high-altitude cloud-covered terroirs of Planadas and Gaitania in Colombia.  This organic coffee is produced by indigenous coffee growers and is a blend of rare varieties, including bourbon, typica, caturra, castillo, and colombia. Each family owns around 2 to 4
hectares. With over 6,000 trees per hectare, this coffee is truly a labor of love from more than 240 families.