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EDO Built in Bottomless Knock Chute

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The Bottomless Knock Chute by EDO is a robust open counter-top solution for busy Cafes, Bars and Restaurants. Perfect for Cafes which serve a lot of coffee during the day and need to dispose of a high volume of coffee pucks, as a large bin can be placed below the chute and the full days coffee pucks can be collected in one receptacle!!.

It is made of solid stainless steel with the outline and the bar in rubber to cushion the blows and thus reduce both the noise and the vibrations on the bartender's wrist.

  • Material: stainless steel case with a rubber knock bar and gasket
  • Dimensions 155mm x 140mm x 108.5mm *
  • Depth: 96.5mm

* The hole you need to cut into your counter is 155mm x 140mm but we don't reccomend cutting anything until you have the knock chute in your possesion.