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Eaagads AA | Kenya | Single Origin

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Origin Kenya

Process Fully Washed

Altitude 1580 M.A.S.L

Flavour Profile A very Fruity coffee with notes of blackcurrant and blackberries

SCA score 86

Varietal Ruiru 11, SL28, K7

The Farm

This coffee has come to us all the way from the Eaagads Estate, a farm located in Ngoingwa, Thika west sub-county of Kiambu, and area known to be the home of the earliest coffee producers in Kenya.

Eaagads is committed to worker welfare, always looking to improve worker well-being. They provide housing for all 47 permanent employees as well as a nursery school and medical centre.


During the harvest, a great deal of effort goes into ensuring quality is maintained. The farm hires extra people who are well trained in harvesting methods.

Only the ripest cherries are picked on each pass. These are then delivered on the same day to the washing and milling station. Here the cherries are sorted to remove any damaged or under-ripe cherries. Only then are the best selection pulped. The pulped coffee is then fermented for around 12 hours before being fully washed to remove all the remaining mucilage.

After the coffee is washed it is left to rest in soaking tanks for around 24 hours. Once cleaned and soaked the coffee is first delivered to pre-drying tables, and here the coffee is again sorted as it loses it's excess moisture.

The coffee is then moved to drying beds. The drying time can be between 10 - 12 days until the optimum humidity is reached.