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Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder | White

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The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is considered by many coffee experts as the go-to entry level electronic coffee grinder for the home Coffee Enthusiast.

The Encore has 40 individual, easy adjust grind settings, from fine to coarse, so whether your brew of choice is a French Press or Espresso, the Baratza Encore provides consistent grinds for both and everything in between. This gives you the freedom to experiment and explore your taste preference.

The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder’s specially-designed conical burrs give a precise grind which enables a balanced extraction of flavours when making espresso or using popular manual brew methods such as pour-over filter, Aeropress or Chemex.

Here at the we love the Baratza Encore’s straightforward controls, a simple on/off button which makes your daily grind easy. The Encore also features a pulse button for grinding just a little extra if needed.

The Encore has a handy small clear grounds bin, so very easy transfer your ground coffee into your coffee brewer. If you have a scales the grounds bin can be used to weigh your coffee beans, pour the beans into the hopper, replace the grounds bin and grind. Zero waste and always fresh coffee.

The Encore is compact and convenient, it is slimline, with a small countertop footprint and it fits nicely under most kitchen cabinets with enough space to lift the hopper lid to add coffee beans to the hopper.

The Encore is available in Black or White


More Information

Grind Adjustment: Easy to turn hopper adjusts the grind with a choice 40 settings you can quickly adjust from fine for espresso to coarse for French Press. The grind range is from 250 to 1200 microns.

  • Espresso: 2 - 6
  • Aeropress: 8 - 11
  • V60/Brewer: 13-14
  • Chemex: 20 -21
  • French Press: 30-32

Burrs: Manufactured in Europe, the Encore's 40 mm conical burrs will grind for many styles of coffee. Conical burrs grinders are exceptional at producing consistent grinds from very fine to very coarse as well as being durable and will remain sharp for many years.

Reduced grounds left in Grinder: To maximize freshness, the Encore minimises the ground coffee left in the grinder.

Motor: The Baratza Encore uses a combination of gear and electronic speed reduction to control the rotation of the burr between 405 to 495 RPM. This slow speed reduces heat, noise, and static generation in the grinder and ensures beans feed smoothly into the burrs.



Suitable Brewing Methods: The Encore is a great grinder for all manual brewing and also for espresso.

Grinder Blades: 40mm

Dimensions: W12cm x H35cm x D16cm

Hopper Capacity: 227g

Grounds Bin Capacity: 142g




Baratza Encore - Manual