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Stone Valley - "Love Will Wait" Colombia

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Stone Valley Coffee Roasters feature some of the best coffee around, freshly roasted in Clonakilty in the heart of West Cork. Always speciality grade and always roasted to perfection.

  • 250g Whole Bean
  • Altitude - 1400 - 1800 MASL
  • Preparation - Red Honey
  • Location - Cudinamarca, Colombia
  • Variety - Castillo
  • Profile - Date, Caramel, Red Grape

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We like to think of ourselves as realists. Sometimes you get it right first time, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, despite what critics might say, your 15th album is actually your best work and should get much more credit than it does!

This sweet and rich Colombian coffee goes down easy and has just the right amount of boozy fruitiness to keep things spicy without scaring any children or small animals. Could we drink a case of it? Almost certainly!

Recommended Listening: Turbulent Indigo, Joni Mitchell, 1994