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San Carlos Dos | El Salvador | Single Origin

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Origin El Salvador

Location La Montanita

Farm San Carlos Dos

Process Anaerobic Natural

Altitude 1100-1665 M.A.S.L

Flavour Profile Lemonade and orange soda with notes of tamarind and toffee

SCA score 86.25

Varietal Bourbon

Cooperative San Carlos started in 1980 after agrarian reforms by the Salvadoran Government. The farm, located on the Cacahuatique Mountain, spans 672 Ha and has 126 Associate members living and working together. They mainly grew Pacas and Bourbon but have added some Pacamara recently.

The wet mill and patios for processing the coffee are located higher up the mountain at 1400 masl, which is perfect for drying the coffee. The farm is part of the Blue Harvest Program and has implemented good soil and water management practices to address water shortages and poor soil health. The changes have improved water supply to the community and increased the average yield above the El Salvador average. They produce various sections named Monte Carlos, El Coro and La Florida. The cooperative also received training on how to process micro-lots and naturals.